Critter Alley

Critter Alley

Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's Over

Thanksgiving has left the building. It went pretty well, although Bogey had to be relegated to his room due to extreme nautiness which included attempts to attack the turkey, and pushing a vase to the floor where it obligingly shattered into a million pieces. Kitties are way too mobile. Indy was good, but came down with an eye problem. Only $149. dollars later, and he's doing swell.

We were out of town for the rest of the long weekend. In the course of our meanderings, we saw a beautiful bald eagle perched atop a tall tree. It looked like he was surveying the area for his own Thanksgiving dinner. The eagle is an impressive sight. It's always such a thrill to spot one, and Missouri has several areas that are perfect for eagle watching. There's nothing quite like seeing this creature in the wild, and I hope you get the opportunity if you haven't already. (Thanks to for the photo.)
Despite Ben Franklin's recommendation (he nominated the turkey), I'm glad the bald eagle is our national bird. Read more about eagles at

Now the weekend's nearly over. I'm back at home, faced with a stack of laundry, end of the month bills, and the joy of anticipating a return to work tomorrow. Symbolic of the entire holiday season, I suppose.

Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!


The Word Place said...

My late feline, "Fang", went totally beserk one Christmas Eve after being relegated to the utility room (where his food, water, and litterbox ALWAYS were) because he insisted on helping himself to the after-church buffet on the breakfast bar. Poor Fang did not see another Christmas for assorted reasons. A cautionary tale.

Anonymous said...

LOL at both kitty tales, Pat's and Judy's!

I loved your description of the blad eagle, Pat! I'm afraid wild-life viewing around here is a bit more mundane, squrrels and foxes:)