Critter Alley

Critter Alley

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Sweet Treat

M'mmm. What's nicer than walking into a bakery? That hint of cinnamon and spice in the air creates an alluring scent that reminds me of holidays, Mom, and apple pie. It also tells me how much I need a tall glass of cold milk (sort of a Pavlov's dog thing, I guess). Add a good book and...Heaven.

But wait. These goodies aren't for me. They're for Indy.

One of my favorite places to shop for him is Canine Cookies and Cream at 822 South Main in good old St. Charles, Missouri. There's a counter simply packed full of treats that look so delicious I'm tempted to taste them myself. It's wonderful to be greeted by a number of four-legged assistants that help run the place in true take your dog to work fashion. Customers are encouraged to bring in pets, too. In fact, canine visitors might even get a sample treat from Marilyn, the store's pack leader. I've seen customers that range from a tiny Yorkie to a mammoth Irish Wolfhound shop in this every-dog-welcome-zone. And my chance to get a mid-day critter fix (Awwww, can I hold the puppy?) is an added bonus.

Indy will be thrilled when I get home. He knows only too well what's in that tantalizing little brown bag. Ah yes, handmade bakery treats.

I ask you. Is my dog spoiled rotten or what?


The Word Place said...

A doggie bakery? Now I've heard it all! None such here (that I know of), but Lady hurries to the kitchen every time she hears the pantry or refrigerator open and usually manages to get a morsel dropped her direction!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Tom and I think it looks wonderful and we know a spotty dog who would never be out of there!

Leona said...

A doggie bakery? Isn't that an interesting concept? Do you think I should bring my cat to the bakery? ooops..that may not be such a good idea!

Aren't animals and babies there to be spoiled?