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Friday, December 19, 2008

Baghdad Buddies

Charlie's photo from

Imagine being a soldier in a war-ravaged country...a place where blasts of gunfire and the sound of bursting bombs are commonplace. You miss your home and family. You're lonely, sad, and sometimes a bit scared.

One day you see something. A small ball of fur that you soon realize is a puppy. He seems a little scared, too. You notice the little guy hasn't eaten in a while, so you share your rations with him. He gobbles them up. Then he licks your hand and snuggles against you. It feels good. You decide to name him Jack.

A few months go by. Jack's growing. He's healthy and strong now. His coat shines in the sun. You pet him and its almost like being home. When things are quiet, you and Jack play fetch. Often, the other guys in your unit join in. They like Jack, too. All of you laugh out loud as Jack races around in circles carrying a stick in his mouth.

Then one day you get great news. You're going home. But what about your best buddy, Jack? He's used to human companionship and would never survive if abandoned. Besides, he's family now. So you decide to take him home with you.

And that's where the problems begin.

Operation Baghdad Pups is an effort of SPCA International. It was created to help soldiers and their adopted pals return home together, after one man sought assistance to bring home his dog, Charlie, from the Middle East. Reading their story moved me.

If you care about animals and believe in the bond humans have with them, you must check out this site

See what can happen when you want something badly enough to defy the pet at a time.


The Word Place said...

Jack and all the other four-footed friends deserve to go home with their soldiers. Cheers to those who are making it happen!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful and heart-warming story!

Donna Volkenannt said...

Wow! Such a moving story.