Critter Alley

Critter Alley

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

And the Winner Is...

AP/Reuters Photo

You can almost always count on Westminster for drama. First, Tuesday night's group winners were crowned:

Sporting Group-Sussex Spaniel
Working Group-Giant Schnauzer
Toy Group-Brussels Griffon

Then the most unlikely dog of all, the Sussex Spaniel, was chosen Best in Show. As "Stump", pranced the victory circle with his handler, the crowd went wild. And why was Stump the unlikely winner? Retired from the dog show circuit in 2004, Stump nearly died of a serious illness. His survival was described as miraculous. In December, Stump turned 10 (that's 70 in people years), and one week before Westminster, his owner decided to give him a final opportunity to compete in the prestigious show. Stump blew away everyone by taking best of breed, best of group, and then best of show. He becomes the oldest Westminster best in show winner, and the first Sussex Spaniel ever to take the title. Way to go, Stump!

I guess there's hope for "old dogs" after all!


Anonymous said...

What a beauty he is! Such a glorious colur and isn't it nice to know an older dog can be champion?

The Word Place said...

His expression clearly says, "And you are surprised? Why?"

He IS gorgeous---and I'm so glad his owners gave him his moment in the sun before retirement. Now he can rest on his laurels. . .um. . .his fur-lined bed. . .and hold court for his adoring public.

I saw more of the show on the news last night, as well as some candids of dogs at home who sleep in their owners' beds. . .or wherever they choose. They were HUGE!