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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Most Intelligent Animals

Dr. Jane Goodall

An animal behaviorist known the world over for her research on chimpanzee behavior is Dr. Jane Goodall. She's spent a lifetime studying animals and is one of the foremost authorities in conservation and environmental issues. Jane will be 75 on April 3, and still actively pursues her passion. She'll be in St. Louis to lecture at Washington University this month, but alas, I have no ticket to attend!

Last year Jane did an article for USA Today where she chooses what she believes to be the five most intelligent animals in the world. Her list includes the following:

1. Great Apes
2. Whales and dolphins
3. Elephants
4. Parrots
5. Dogs and cats

Her explanation and a couple of short videos are truly must-sees. Check out the post on village of joy.

I especially love the parrot video. Is he smart or what?


Judy said...

Wonderful videos! Alex is some bird! It isn't surprising that animals are intelligent beyond what is commonly perceived. I remember feeling quite overwhelmed when I had my first child, and finally I thought, "Well, if an animal mother knows how to take care of her babies, surely I can figure it out, too!" Truth was, my instincts weren't so finely honed with the first one---but they improved. At least I was smart enough to know that animal instinct/inttelligence was vastly better than my human bumbling!

Jane Goodall is quite a lady. I have watched her many times on various animal/nature shows and have a great deal of respect for her work.

irishoma said...

I feel so stupid after watching the chimp.