Critter Alley

Critter Alley

Monday, April 6, 2009

Opening Day

Fredbird in action.

Today is rainy, cold and blustery. There's even the possibility of snow flurries. It's not exactly what you might expect for the St. Louis Cardinal's home opener. But baseball will indeed be played anyway.

Although he's technically not a critter, in honor of opening day here's a quick profile of Fredbird, the team mascot.

Fredbird was hatched in 1979. Due to his love for baseball, his talent at entertaining the crowd, and his never-ending enthusiasm, Fredbird was given a lifetime contract by the Cardinals. He can be seen at all homes games pumping up the crowd by dancing, cheerleading for the team, and "beaking" (i.e. covering a person's head with his beak) fans. At 6'3" (that's a really big bird), Fredbird is one of the most recognized and popular mascots in baseball.

Let's hope he can help the team bring home a wintry winner today! Go Cardinals!


Judy said...

Fredbird looks like quite a character. Not being a sports fan, I wasn't familiar with him. Go Fred!

nlindabrit said...

I love the spectacular shade of red of the Cardinal bird!