Critter Alley

Critter Alley

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Fourth!

The Fourth of July...a day for food, fun, and fireworks. It's also a day to keep your critters at home.

Many animals become terrified by the alarming sounds of fireworks. They'll jump fences and bolt from the area in an effort to escape. On the other hand, some dogs are fascinated by the sounds and sights and will literally chase and attempt to grab fireworks causing burns or worse to their mouth.

A better option is to keep your pets in a darkened area of your home with the radio or television on to help disguise the loud pops and explosions.

And just in case...please make sure your dog is wearing identifying tags and is microchipped in the event he scoots out the door despite your best efforts.

I won't be blogging tomorrow, so enjoy your barbecue and relax. And if you're traveling, be extra careful.

Have a safe and happy Fourth!


The Word Place said...

A timely reminder that we need to take precautions with our four-legged friends on these occasions.

Happy Fourth to you, too!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your weekend!