Critter Alley

Critter Alley

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Available for adoption from Pit Bull Rescue Central

Yesterday multiple federal and state authorities carried out what is reported to be the largest dog fighting raid in United States history. Arrests were made in Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa, and Oklahoma. More than 350 dogs have been rescued from conditions and treatment that is so brutal I cannot describe them. Twenty-six people have been taken into custody. I feel a sense of shame that my home state of Missouri is part of this so-called fighting dog ring (Missouri is also known as the "Puppy Mill State", but that's for another blog).

After the Michael Vick incident, I had hoped people were starting to get the message. No matter who you are, you will go to prison for the offense of animal fighting, and that offense is a felony. Yet here we are again.

I'm glad to see that law enforcement has taken steps to put a dent in this terrible crime, but saddened by the knowledge that there are likely many more offenders out there who simply haven't been caught.

And as for the dogs, most of them are pit bulls now in the custody of various humane organizations. Unfortunately, if they've been trained to fight, it isn't certain how many can be rehabilitated for life in a family home. Euthanization may be in store for a large number of these animals. Pit bulls are by nature sweet animals (remember Petey from "Our Gang"?), but like any other dog can be shaped into an aggressive creature. Pit Bull Rescue Central is a site worth exploring, containing information on the true nature of the pit bull dog.

I sincerely hope law enforcement continues the effort to infiltrate and stop this hideous blood "sport", and that the perpetrators be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

I can imagine a few appropriate punishments for these offenders myself, but perhaps that wouldn't be humane...or would it?

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The Word Place said...

Humphf! Whatever these "humans" get is probably far less than they deserve!