Critter Alley

Critter Alley

Monday, July 13, 2009

Tough Times

Times are tough and money is oh-so-tight. Since we don't have as much to give, many nonprofit organizations are struggling in the current economy. Not only are donations down, but surrenders to shelters are higher than ever due to families being unable to afford their pets. So organizations dedicated to animal welfare have received a double whammy.

If you have a spare dollar or two, please consider donating to a worthy nonprofit organization that helps animals. I'd particularly recommend looking at your small local nonprofits who do not have the resources that are available to larger organizations. Most are existing right now on a wing and a prayer.

And remember that in addition to monetary support, becoming a volunteer is another wonderful way to make a difference for animals.

More than ever, animals need your help!


Anonymous said...

Your words are timely, Pat. I am sure many small non-profit organisations are suffering greatly in these credit-crunch times.

The Word Place said...

Yes, times are hard for families as well as their four-legged friends--and it's those friends who are most vulnerable because they have to depend on their humans! Thanks for the reminder!