Critter Alley

Critter Alley

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Howling Good Time

Photo from Wild Canid Center website

Wolves have always fascinated me. Despite being pictured as "big and bad" in most fairy tales, wolves are actually beautiful, amazing creatures.

Many years ago, I met a wolf hybrid (don't get me started, I certainly don't advocate crossing wolves with dogs!). It did give me a rare opportunity to see (up close and personal) the huge paws, enormous head, and to feel fur that had to have been about the softest I've ever touched.

I think part of the appeal of wolves is the fact that they are so closely related to dogs. And everyone knows how people feel about dogs. But make no mistake...the wolf is a wild animal and must never be considered anything but one.

A local nonprofit, the Wild Canid Center, is a sanctuary for wolves, a breeding program for endangered canids, and an educational center. Tours can be arranged at their facility outside St. Louis. Groups can even sign up to participate in a campfire wolf howl.

If you're really lucky, on a moonlit evening you can hear the mournful sound of a wolf answering your call.

Now that's a spine-tingling touch of nature!


The Word Place said...

Wild animals are best left in the wild--or in sanctuaries of they need protection. Either way, we can enjoy their beauty--and leave them to the lives they were born to live.

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful creatures!