Critter Alley

Critter Alley

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Animal Emergency

First aid kit for pets

Years ago I took a first aid class for pets offered by the Red Cross. We learned simple techniques for emergencies and pet CPR. I remember it being a lively class where we got to try out our technique on patient and willing shelter animals.

If you haven't done a class like this before, you might wish to consider it. In addition to the Red Cross, local humane societies, pet training centers, and other animal related organizations frequently offer pet first aid training for a nominal fee. You never know when you may need to utilize what you've learned.

For myself, with one aging critter and another that is constantly doing things he shouldn't, I'm actually thinking about a refresher course!


Anonymous said...

I had not realized it was possible to do such a thing. It sounds like a great idea.

The Word Place said...

Absolutely a great idea! And Lady may need it sooner than later if she doesn't stop holing up under my computer desk with all the electrical cords...I expect to see her fried and frazzled any day now!