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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tough Times

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I've always loved Charles Dicken's story, "A Christmas Carol". No matter the version, his message of love shared by the fulfillment of true generosity is one we should keep in mind year round. Especially these days.

Times are tough for people. There are a multitude of programs in the community soliciting food to help those in need. I hope those of us fortunate enough not to go to bed hungry each night can do something that makes a real difference for families who could use a helping hand.

And where people suffer, so do animals. I've blogged before about Animeals, a pet food pantry sponsored by the St. Charles Humane Society. It's still in action and busier than ever, since more and more families are at risk of losing beloved pets due to job losses and the national financial meltdown.

When you share your blessings with others, please consider donating pet food, too. And if you don't have a local pet food pantry, inquire at regular food pantries. Recognizing need, many of these organizations will also accept pet food donations.

Because everyone deserves a meal.


Judy said...

Glad that organizations are recognizing the pets are people, too!

nlindabrit said...

Thank you, Pat, for highlighting such an important and worthwhile organization!