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Critter Alley

Monday, December 15, 2008

Remember Your Pet

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This sad little poem was sent to me by a friend. It originated from the Humane Society of Missouri

Santa's Stop

Santa comes quietly long before dawn
While shops are still busy and lights are still on
While dinners are cooking and kitchens are warm
And children count presents they'll open by morn
He slips past the trees in windows aglow
Through the gate to the backyard as icy winds blow
To find the pup he brought last year chained up in the snow
And kneeling, he whispers "Are you ready to go?"
There are too many stops like this one tonight
Before the beginning of his regular flight
He leaves not a note or a footprint in sight
Just an unbuckled collar on a cold
Christmas night.

One of the cruelest things that can be done to a pack animal like the dog is for them to be left chained or otherwise confined outside alone. In good weather and bad these animals live a life of virtual solitary confinement. Adopting a pet is a huge responsibility that doesn't go away just because the dog got too big, shed too much, or misbehaved (since no one had time and patience enough to teach him good manners).

Pets bring so much joy to our lives. One of my holiday wishes is that each day of the year pets receive what they deserve...kind and compassionate treatment from people who love them.


Monica C. Schreiber said...

How true. See

The Word Place said...

Absolutely! Barkley and Lady could tell both sides of the story! Even though Lady is too big for me and may one day cause me to fall, I won't "find her a new home" because she's quite used to living "the good life" with me, and I wouldn't want to think of her living any other way! On this coldest night of the year, with ice blanketing our landscape, she is curled cozily on her soft, warm bed in the house. She likes it that way, and so do I!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more, Pat! Dogs are such gregarious creatures, yet some owners treat them like cats, who are more independent.

It gives Tom and I pleasure every time we see Barkley snuggled down in one of his pet-beds snoozing contentedly.

Donna Volkenannt said...

How sad--the photo and poem.