Critter Alley

Critter Alley

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tree Tales

I've put together the tree, strung the lights, and hung the ornaments. Everything looks great. But unfortunately, Bogey has decided that Christmas trees exist for only one purpose...his personal amusement. My original fear was to find the tree lying flat on the floor at day's end (especially after he flew straight from table to the middle of the tree as soon as he first saw it). Luckily, the tree is still standing, but...

Bogey is now working hard to remove every ornament. I find some of them lying just below the tree branches. Others have been carried away and hidden throughout the house, only to be discovered much later. This is usually after being flattened by a careless foot.

But I have a plan. When I catch Bogey in action, he gets a quick squirt of water from my trusty water bottle, (a.k.a. the disciplinary assistant). It stops him for the moment, but he's back on the attack as soon as I turn my head. So once again I race toward him with the water bottle clutched in my hand. He sees me and starts to scrunch his eyes before I can even get off my first shot. Bogey's no dummy--he knows what's coming. But his pleasure in tormenting the tree far outweighs the soggy consequences.

A friend recently reported that cats hate orange peels. She suggested hanging them all around the bottom of the tree to keep Bogey away. At this point I'll try anything, so I'm off to fight the crowds at the grocery store for the biggest fattest fruit I can find.

Who knew? I guess they don't call them Christmas oranges for nothing!


The Word Place said...

Bogey sounds very much like he's human--and most determined! Hope the orange peels work!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Bogey's last name wouldn't be Barkley, would it?

I am now in fits of laughter imagining his antics and you on water patrol!