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Critter Alley

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day for Animals

One of my favorite actresses (or female actor, as they prefer to be called today) is Doris Day. Though she hasn't made a film in decades, her accomplishments in movies and television, and her lovely singing voice remain an iconic symbol of the 40's,
50's, 60's, and even into the 70's and beyond. I still love to watch her romantic comedies where she played opposite the likes of Rock Hudson, James Garner, Cary Grant, David Niven, and other top leading men.

However, what I admire most about her is what she's done off-screen. A passionate animal welfare advocate, Miss Day has worked tirelessly to help animals and improve the human/animal bond. She established two animal welfare organizations, one of which recently merged with the Humane Society of the United States. The Doris Day Animal Foundation continues to operate by offering grants to unique projects that improve the life of animals. One of the Foundation's biggest accomplishments is creating Spay Day USA, which has resulted in the spay/neuter of literally thousands of companion animals. Visit the Foundation's website for more information:

She keeps her involvement low-key, but at the age of 85 years, Doris Day remains a true friend of animals.

And that makes her a true friend of mine.


The Word Place said...

I'd read about her work with/for animals. Doesn't Betty White also advocate for our four-footed friends? I think it's terrific how people with some "clout" step in and do so much good for these important causes.

Anonymous said...

I too admire Doris Day enormously. I like the fact that she decided to retire from acting some years ago and now doesn't turn a hair when showbiz journalists point at her and say she has let herself go. Personally, I think she looks amazing! I respect her dedication to animal welfare and her achievements are many.

Two actresses in England are similarly passionate about animal welfare. Joanna Lumley and Jenny Seagrove frequently use their high public profile to champion good animal causes.