Critter Alley

Critter Alley

Thursday, January 29, 2009

No Animals Harmed

In 1940, the American Humane Association (AHA) established a Film and Television Unit. Their job: to monitor and protect animals used in film, based upon their "Guide for the Safe Use of Animals in Filmed Media." The guide was written with input from veterinarians, animal welfare leaders, film industry professionals, and experts on various animal species. If you recall, in the old days and ways of film making, horses were run into trip wire to make them fall and animals were forced to participate in other dangerous stunts with no regard for their well being. The result was injury, and even death, for animals. For them, the AHA guide came none too soon. The AHA monitors production. Only when producers adhere to these guidelines do they earn the right to the disclaimer, "No Animals Were Harmed", which appears at the end credits of the film.

The AHA rates films for their treatment of animals. If a producer does not seek oversight from the AHA, the film is listed as "Not Monitored". Ratings range from "Unacceptable" to "Outstanding". This allows the public to make a choice in which films they support.

To check AHA ratings for a specific film or to learn more about the work of the AHA, visit their website:

I'm glad that the AHA is there to make sure that safety in film making includes critters.

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