Critter Alley

Critter Alley

Friday, January 30, 2009

Let's Go to the Movies

Marley and Me, the movie.

As "Hollywood Week" draws to a close, I thought I'd mention some recent films that received the American Humane Association's (AHA) highest rating for treatment of animals...Outstanding. Note that EVERY critter used in a film, from insects to elephants, falls under their careful watch.

Hotel for Dogs-Orphans use an abandoned hotel to take in stray dogs and care for them.

The Unborn-A girl's dead twin may be contacting her from beyond.

Beethoven's Big Break-A St. Bernard becomes a canine movie star.

Revolutionary Road-Can a young couple overcome obstacles to build a life together?

The Spirit-A deceased cop returns as a spirit hero to battle evil forces.

Marly and Me-(My personal favorite. I loved the book!)-A rambunctious new puppy teaches a family about compassion, loyalty, and unconditional love.

If you make it to the movies this weekend, save some popcorn for me!


Anonymous said...

My friend Cattis has recently read Maley and me and she liked it a lot. I'd like to read the book and see the film.

The Word Place said...

I rarely pay the outrageous ticket prices and risk being so offended that I wish I hadn't. Harry Potter and Indiana Jones are always good bets, as are animal movies, so thanks for the recomendations!