Critter Alley

Critter Alley

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Cats are just about the most agile creatures in the world. It seems they can go anywhere. I've noticed Bogey has an unusual obsession with visiting all the places I'd prefer he not. That includes the top of the closet, inside cabinets and drawers, underneath the cover used to protect furniture from shedding cat hair, and of course, the kitchen countertops.

Bogey makes getting to the top of the refrigerator seem like child's play. A leap to the tabletop, then a carefully gauged jump and he's there! My husband describes him as a two year old child with four wheel drive.

I think he's right.


The Word Place said...

I'm sure you're aware that you don't "own" a cat--a cat owns YOU, body and soul. So if Bogey wants to sit on top of the refrigerator (throne), he will most certainly do it!

Love reading about his antics!

Anonymous said...

Cats are incredibly athletic and graceful, aren't they.

Leona said...

That sounds like Sasha, my cat..right now, she's running around the house like she owns it. Up the hallway, down...up on the ornament stand, check out the dirt in my plants, and down...Sigh!