Critter Alley

Critter Alley

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Today is a bitterly cold January day. In fact, we're told that this is the coldest day we've experienced in a decade. We won't get out of single digits so the wind chill is well below zero. On a day like this it sounds good just to snuggle under the covers in a warm house. Then I look at my critters and realize how lucky we all are.

Some pets live their lives outdoors. It's hard to imagine how they survive severely cold temperatures with little in the way of shelter, frozen water, and food that may or may not be provided to supply the extra calories burned producing body heat. Our local newscasters are good about mentioning what should be obvious. Please be kind...bring your pets inside!

We all stay a bit warmer with company. Just ask Indy!


The Word Place said...

I think about the same things, Pat, and it grieves me. Lady is curled on her warm, soft bed, having had supper earlier, and knows she will have her last treat of the day (a nice piece of cheese, which she loves) after her last run to the corner. Her fur is soft and clean, and she is thoroughly spoiled to her cozy routine. If she has any memories of her time one the streets, it's hard to tell. But she lives the good life now. Indy doesn't look as if he's doing too badly for himself either!!!

Anonymous said...

Tom and I feel just the same, Pat. We like to look at Barkley snoring his head off in his nice warm basket on these cold evenings. He was a stray on the streets long enough to become half-starved, so we feel sure he is glad of his new life.