Critter Alley

Critter Alley

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pets for People

Old Dan, available for adoption from the St. Charles Humane Society.

Looking for a pet and not sure where to start? Petfinder is an online resource that gives shelters the ability to list available pets by photo and description. Over 12,000 shelters are represented on the site. Currently over 270,000 animals for adoption are featured. Petfinder is user friendly and gives the ability to search for critters by type (everything from barnyard animals to small and furry ones), area, age, gender, and breed. In addition, there are articles that provide information on such topics as choosing a pet, health issues, fun forums, and animal welfare issues.

Browse those sweet faces. I'll bet you can find the purr-fect someone to love!


nlindabrit said...

I dare not even look! I think everyone desirous of getting a companion animal should always try to rescue an animal from a re-homing centre. It is a rewarding thing to know you have given an animal a good home and the greatest beneficiary is yourself.

Writer Chick said...

I looked. I shouldn't have looked. I think I'm in love. Nope, I'm being strong. One more teensy, eensy look :-)

Tricia S.