Critter Alley

Critter Alley

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Number 3 Fave

Garfield by Jim Davis

Who's the chubby, cranky cat who keeps his owner firmly under his paw? None other than Jim Davis's Garfield. Syndicated in 1978, the Garfield strip has grown exponentially. And he's not only in the comics anymore. Garfield has inspired television shows, movies, toys, and the production of a virtual plethora of merchandise. He's also starred in campaigns as diverse as going green initiatives, literacy, and promoting milk.

Like most felines, Garfield is an expert in eating and sleeping. And there's no worries or fears for this fat cat. He sees the world in only one way: His. And sometimes I think that's an attitude I could learn from.

Garfield is my number 3 favorite cartoon critter.


nlindabrit said...

I like Garfield's uncompromising point of view!

Judy said...

Absolutely the point of view to have, I'm beginning to think! (Are you sure you have to stop with five of these wonderful characters?)