Critter Alley

Critter Alley

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Snake Shock

Are you phobic about snakes? I know they serve an important function by helping to control vermin and other pests. Although I understand the concept, I admit that I just plain don't like being surprised by them.

I'm not alone. A friend of mine who is a big strapping outdoorsman was reduced to a bundle of shivering nerves yesterday when he unexpectedly discovered a five foot black snake that had gotten into his basement. This being a family-friendly blog, I won't tell you what he had to say about it (when he could finally speak, that is).

His experience reminded me that despite the instinct to scream and flee, we should appreciate our creeply crawly friends for the service they provide. Especially when they're kind enough not to sneak (or slither) up on us!


Judy said...

Snakes are beautiful creatures---at a distance, of course! Copperheads infested the new subdivision we built in about 1975. I found one hiding under a trash bag of packing paper in my kitchen one morning! Years before that, in Congo, I had one fall out of the (unscreened) casement window when I pushed the curtains back one morning. Not sure what kind it was---just wanted to see it gone!

nlindabrit said...

SNAKES? I would die of fright! I am happy to say there are only two species of snake in the UK. Grassnakes and adders and one rarely sees an adder.