Critter Alley

Critter Alley

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bad Dog Blues

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To My Fellow Coffee and Critiquers:

I'm so sorry. I really intended to come to group last night. I even had an old story that I planned to rework and bring along to read. As I remembered it, the story was close to being ready...just needed a little tweaking. So I pulled it out on Tuesday to make the changes and run off copies.

I found it in my file and took a look. Was this the same story I remembered? This tale didn't require tweaking. It required a major overhaul. I fiddled with it. Then I fiddled with it some more. Quite a while and a few more gray hairs later, I put it away.

I have two weeks until the next group, don't I? If it's not ready by then, please put me in my kennel without a treat.

Bad girl!


nlindabrit said...

LOL! It happens to us all, Pat!

Judy said...

I'm sure it will be ready, Pat! And btw, I'd love to read some samples of your writing!! Have email, will read!

irishoma said...
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irishoma said...

Hi Pat,
There was a typo in my previous post, so here goes again. We look forward to seeing you whenever we can. I have a copy of Cuivre River Anthology to give you. Your essay is in it.