Critter Alley

Critter Alley

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Poochie Politics

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As expected, the furor rages over whether President Obama broke a campaign promise by not adopting a shelter dog. Some are upset, some are angry. In fact, there's even a "conspiracy" theory that the new Presidential pup was mysteriously returned to his breeder in the exact timeline the Obamas outlined for getting their girls a dog. Therefore while not technically a rescue, the adoption could be considered to fall in a more gray area.

Only in Washington could getting a dog become so, well, political.

Don't get me wrong. I'm first in line to advocate for adopting a shelter dog. But I admire the Obamas for taking their time and carefully researching their decision. For if more folks approached adopting an animal in this way, far fewer critters would be abandoned to shelters in the first place.

The bigger worry for rescue groups now, in my opinon, is the mad rush for people to adopt a Portuguese Water Dog simply because the Obamas did. Without making certain that the highly active canine is right for their family, rescue groups could actually see an increase in surrenders. Too often people don't do their homework.

And that's the real problem.


nlindabrit said...

Yes, you make an important point, Pat. A high profile adoption like this is bound to lead to a surge in popularity and thus to some mis-matches in adoptions. I hope the breed does not suffer too much.

irishoma said...

Hi Pat,
On last night's news there was a report that the Obama's dog was a gift from Sen. Ted Kennedy. So, I'm confused. Anyway, Bo (that's what the report said the dog's name is) is sure a cutie!

Judy said...

One can never be sure in any animal adoption, unfortunately. Just being able to pay the fees doesn't guarantee that a prospective owner will be kind and caring. I think the same thing happened with Dalmations after the Disney movie. All the kids wanted one, and so many ended up being abandoned to shelters or just plain abandoned.