Critter Alley

Critter Alley

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Winner

Sources say that it's official. The First Family has adopted a six month old Portuguese Water Dog. A major factor in the decision was that the dog is considered to be "hypoallergenic", a requirement since one of the Obama girls has allergies. Senator Ted Kennedy, who owns and loves the breed, gifted the animal to the family. Apparently the Obama girls have already named him Bo, a reference to Michelle Obama's dad, who was nicknamed "Diddley" (as in the singer, Bo Diddley).

For those unfamiliar, the Portuguese Water Dog is an intelligent, active canine that loves to swim. Good thing, too, because he was bred to accompany fisherman, acting as an assistant to retrieve fish, nets, and other articles in the water. He even was used to swim messages between boats. I'm thinking that the Obamas are going to be kept busy training this little guy. Hope they have enough energy to keep up with him.

Of course, the news comes as a disappointment to those who were hoping that the Obamas would adopt a shelter dog. It would have been a good message, but in the final analysis, a family must adopt the pet that is right for them.

So welcome to the White House, Bo. I'm looking forward to you being a happy distraction from a steady stream of worldly woes.


Mike Licht, said...

Do Portuguese Water Dogs eat linguiƧa?


Judy said...

He's a cutie, but I wouldn't want to have to housebreak a puppy in the White House!

nlindabrit said...

He's a cute little thing too!