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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

One Remarkable Canine

Family photo of Sophie Tucker.

There are certain dog breeds known for their hardiness. For example, one of the herding breeds, Australian Cattle Dogs, were bred to do the job of keeping herds of cattle in line, even when people weren't present to direct them. Therefore, the dog needed to be tough, intelligent, energetic, and independent. A story recently came to light that proves an Australian Cattle Dog is a pretty amazing canine.

It seems that last November, the Griffith family was boating in choppy seas off the coast of Australia. Their dog, Sophie Tucker (named after the singer), fell overboard. Though a frantic search took place, no sign of the dog was ever found. It seemed that their beloved Sophie had drowned. The Griffith family was devastated.

Last week, Jan Griffith heard about a female dog that had been living off feral goats on an uninhabited island. It had been captured by rangers. Griffith contacted them on the faint hope that the dog could be theirs. When the family arrived to see her, no one could believe their eyes.

It was Sophie.

She had swum over 5 miles through rough seas to reach the island. In order to survive, she apparently learned to take feral goats for food, as the rangers discovered carcasses in the area. After over 4 months alone on the island, Sophie evolved from house dog to one who lived like her ancestors in order to survive. I imagine Sophie is an example of what our domesticated furry friends theoretically could become again out of necessity.

If only Sophie could talk about her four month long adventure. What a book deal she could command!


Judy said...

I read about Sophie in the newspaper! What a remarkable, almost unbelievable story! I'll bet she's living a pampered, petted life right now and enjoying every minute! And boy has she earned it!

nlindabrit said...

I read about Sophie Tucker yesterday in the paper. Isn't that a great name? What a fantastic dog! I laughed when the article described her as 'basking' in the air-conditioning!