Critter Alley

Critter Alley

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Elusive Groomer

There's one career that appears to be recession proof. Dog grooming.

For three straight Saturdays I've tried to get Indy to his groomer with no success. Granted, I tend to wait til the day I need the appointment, but really...Why should it be so tough? In disloyalty sparked by complete frustration, I've even called every other groomer within 5 miles of me. Forget it, they're all booked. Now I might expect this difficulty from my own hairdresser, who works in a semi-ritzy spa, but for a pet groomer? Apparently there is no economic struggle tough enough to keep a dog from his shampoo and haircut.

Guess I'd better learn to schedule Indy's appointment way, way in advance cause he's now shaggy as a piece of 70's carpet. Smells a bit ripe, added reminder for action.

So I'm calling the groomer again. Could I be so lucky as to get Indy "worked in" THIS Saturday?

Or will it be necessary to opt for the inevitable- "We'll call you if someone cancels"?


Anonymous said...

The industry is less advanced in Britain but definitely on the rise here. We have never taken Barkley to one of these places. I can just imagine the havoc he would cause!

The Word Place said...

The house elf told me yesterday about a new pet store she visited which has, for a standard price based on the size of the dog,a do-it-yourself dog wash. They furnish the tub, towels, tools--you furnish the time! Is this the wave of the future?

Meanwhile, I chuckled over poor "ripe" Indy and hope that he can be buffed and fluffed soon!