Critter Alley

Critter Alley

Monday, June 22, 2009


Indy finally got in to the groomer on Saturday and is now much cooler (we've been having 95+ degree days) and more comfortable. Not to mention the revelation of what a handsome fellow he is once all that thick curly hair has been buzzed off.

The groomer always finishes her doggie work of art with a bandana. As you can see, Indy's scarf shows orange and yellow flames on black. He looks like one tough hombre--all ready to rumble with the Harley boys. In fact, on the way home he didn't bark at any other dog even once. Instead, he just lifted his lip in an impudent canine sneer.

So if I didn't accomplish much else on my list this weekend, at least my dog looks nice and smells good as he swaggers around the house like James Dean.


The Word Place said...

I had my morning chuckle over Indy's "impudent canine sneer" and his "swaggering". They ARE human! He is indeed a handsome fellow, scarf and all!

Anonymous said...

Indy looks very smart in his new bandana and I'm sure he feels a lot more comfortable for his grooming.