Critter Alley

Critter Alley

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dogs at the River

Brady in his crate. The sound of silence.

Two dogs traveled with us to the river. Indy is of course, an experienced camper. The only thing he doesn't like about camping are the times when he is crated. Then he sings a mournful tune for a while, just to let me know how he feels.

For the granddog, Brady, this was a new experience. Here are some things we learned about him:

1. He barks at fireworks.
2. He barks at thunder.
3. He barks when a car door slams.
4. He barks whenever anyone returns to the campsite (never mind that they were only gone for 2 seconds).
5. He barks at mowers, trimmers, and chainsaws.
6. Brady is a very, very good barker.

He's also a good eater. Beware leaving anything within Cairn Terrier reach (and that includes nose height while standing on hind legs). He nearly snatched an entire plate piled high with bacon. We rescued the bacon in the nick of time, so Brady contented himself with licking an unguarded pan full of bacon grease. Yum.

Dog crates provide the only break from constant canine vigilance. And by the way, here's a heartfelt salute to whomever invented the dog crate. It's the perfect way to settle an unruly critter, potty train a pup, and keep everyone in general de-stressed.

Hey! I wonder if the idea for a crate was born during a camping trip?


Anonymous said...

LOL about the bacon grease! Our Barkley is an indefatigable barker too. He minds everyone's business, not just his own:)

The Word Place said...

Ah, Brady, you should have considered the possibility of being excluded from further excursions due to your bad manners! At our house, purloining the bacon was a sure way to become an outcast for life!

PS I'm sure if you'd looked pitiful enough, however, you'd have been gifted with anything you wanted! Lady has that art perfected!