Critter Alley

Critter Alley

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chocamel Mania

Are you a chocolate lover?

If so, do I have a treat for you! It seems that a company called Al Nassma, is marketing the first milk chocolate made from camel's milk. According to owner Van Almsick, "We aim to be the Godiva of the Middle East". Apparently camel's milk is a healthy choice, reportedly containing five times more vitamin C than cow milk, less fat, less lactose and more insulin.

So let's bring it. I'm more than willing to experiment. And no matter what you add, can chocolate be anything but good?

H'mmm. Not that I need encouragement, but how cool to have another reason to count chocolate as health food!


Anonymous said...

Hmm! Sounds as if this might be good news for diabetics like me.

The Word Place said...

Of course, chocolate is a health food! It does wonders for my mental health when I am tired and stressed! In fact, I might go so far as to call it a MIRACLE DRUG. . .dirty darn, now where did I put that emergency stash of M&Ms?

Donna Volkenannt said...

Hi Pat,
This is so interesting. I learn the most fascinating things on your blog. Another reason to like chocolate --- I love it!