Critter Alley

Critter Alley

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summer Sights

I took this shot of a blue damselfly on a recent trip to southern Missouri. There were lots of them flying all around the area, with this one landing in a the perfect spot. I loved the contrast of blue against the yellow green leaf.

Here's a bit of critter indentification info. A damselfly holds its wings above the body. A dragonfly's wings are held out to the side. So now you can sound like a true naturalist as you sit and watch flying insects on a summer's day.

However, beyond that piece of information, you're on your own. I looked up damselflies and dragonflies on an insect identification site and there were more types of each listed than I had time to ponder.

I've noticed that daylight is growing shorter. Before long, summer will completely disappear into fall. We'll drag out our sweaters and welcome the new season, though we can't help but mourn the passing of the old one just a bit.

So take time to relax into today. Enjoy the sights, sounds, and scents of summer while you still can. And save a seat for me.

I'll bring the iced tea.


Anonymous said...

Yes, already the air is feeling crisp and autumnal here. I am enjoying what is left of my garden flowers while I still can this year.

The Word Place said...

You always have such interesting tidbits to post, and they stick in my mind--possibly because you usually include an illustration. I'm a visual-supported-by-auditory-learner--so you're the perfect teacher!

Anonymous said...

Fall. So soon. Where did the summer go? It feels so much like autumn all ready, but I hope we have a nice Indian Summer. Thanks for the interesting tidbit about the damselfly, I learned something interesting this morning! :)