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Critter Alley

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Travel Tails

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We spent a recent weekend out of town. Sad to report that the place where we stayed, though pleasant and family-oriented, definitely discouraged anyone bringing a pet via pricey fees and overly strict requirements.

That made me wonder, where are some really great places to go with your pet?

MSNBC publishes the top 10 pet friendly cities in America each year. They base their choices on hotels, restaurants, and tourist amenities. The good news is that they've found more and more cities that welcome four-legged visitors. Check out their picks...Drumroll, please.

The top ten cities for 2009 are:

San Diego
New York
Alexandria, Virginia
Portland, Oregon
San Francisco
South Lake Tahoe
Los Angeles

Lots of California cities represented, aren't there? And not much in the midwest. C'mon Missouri cities...get with the program! Your tourist dollars could depend upon it!

To read specific findings check out the MSNBC site.

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Anonymous said...

It is indeed difficult to find pet-friendly places to take animals these days. I used to enjoy taking my dog to the Lake District here in Britain, a much-loved walker's paradise. The whole area was used to people bringing their dogs and was geared up for it, from pet-friendly hotels to lots of shops and restaurants that offered bowls of water and covered verandahs where you could dine with your pets etc.