Critter Alley

Critter Alley

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Endangered Species Advocate

The WWF logo features the Giant Panda.

The World Wildlife Fund has a multi-faceted mission which, in essence, is to conserve nature. One WWF goal that is very dear to me is that of protecting endangered species. Among these are such creatures as the Giant Panda, tigers, and certain endangered dolphins.

WWF is serious when they use the word "world" in their name. Areas of concern to them are truly global, and they operate throughout virtually every continent. If you'd like to learn more about WWF, check out their website.

Today, many species are threatened or endangered.

And once an animal disappears, it's gone for good.

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The Word Place said...

I preached this repeatedly whenever I taught the science unit on the environment--that extinct was extinct--no second chances! Two words my kiddos knew were "endangered" and "extinct". I only hope the world's population will take their hands out of their pockets (where they are clutching their wallets full of money made because the environment is crumbling--and thus its animal and plant inhabitants) and listen before it is too late!