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Critter Alley

Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Image credit to danncer

The upcoming Labor Day weekend is considered to be a time of rest for working people, and the unofficial end of summer. I know I'm looking forward to an extra day off. Hopefully you are, too.

My hummingbirds have nearly all disappeared. I'm starting to see more color on tree leaves. Summer is indeed slowly fading away.

So despite the rainy forecast, I'm planning to enjoy my weekend.

I hope you do the same!


Anonymous said...

Have a lovely weekend, Pat! The weather here has turned very wintry, so I am planning to stay cosy and warm indoors.

Anonymous said...

It's rainy and coolish around here, a relief from the heat, and dryness of the summer. The leaves will soon start to change, school starts on Tues...oh where did the summer go?

The Word Place said...

There is a little hummingbird that flutters around me when I sit outside on the front drive--don't know where he lives---but he's quite sociable!

Hope your long weekend is peaceful, quiet, and thoroughly enjoyable!