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Thursday, September 3, 2009

OT Warning!

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I don't imagine that I used to get any more random spam email than anyone else. Then I made a HUGE MISTAKE.

The subject line of one innocuous looking email mentioned my eligibility for a $1000 gift certificate to a very well known discount store. It sounded too good to be true, but I bit anyway.

Shortly into the site's information gathering process, I realized it was a scam. I aborted the email and bailed without ever hitting the "Send" button.

Apparently I didn't need to, because ever since then I am being deluged with spam email. I delete it as soon as it comes--sometimes as many as 16+ per day. It's beyond annoying.

Though this subject is off-topic (unless you lump it in with yesterday's "garbage" post), I wanted to warn others about my experience.

Moral to this story is...don't click on anything that you're not 100% certain about. You don't have to respond to a message in order for spammers to grab your address. And if it sounds too good to be true, rest assured, that it is.

A sadder but wiser me is now looking for a solution.


The Word Place said...

Isn't spam too annoying? I don't get any on my writing email for some reason, but I do get tons and tons in my personal email box. It goes to the spam folder immediately (usually), and I do a mass delete a couple of times a day!

What I worry about is all the credit card offers that come snail mail and could so easily go astray, leading to identity theft!

Hope you find a solution soon!

Anonymous said...

I too get a lot of spam! But I'm slowly weeding it out by blocking the more annoying ones! It's becoming more manageable, but if i answered every one of those "You won 1 billion pounds in the British Lottery!" emails I'd be a very rich lady right now! LOL Hope you can control the spam, it's sooooooooo annoying!

Anonymous said...

I was being deluged with spam until we altered e-mail addresses. It doesn't seem to have caught up with me again yet:)