Critter Alley

Critter Alley

Friday, November 27, 2009


Despite the apparent demise of my desktop, today I was able to confirm my NaNo story. I'm operating on the laptop, which I typically only use to write; not post, email, or any other delightful tasks that I have had to "redo" in order to function properly.

Do you know how many different places you use passwords? And can you imagine how many passwords you can forget?

That's been my discovery for today.

Hopefully I'll be back to more regular posting soon, once I master the art of really working on my laptop.

Back to the drawing board!


The Word Place said...

Congrats, Pat! And condolences re: the desktop. BTW, I resurrected an old rolodex in which I keep all my website info, passwords, etc. Very convenient at the fingertips...

Ann Summerville said...

I wonder what will happen when all the baby boomers get dementia and can't find all those passwords. Congrats Pat - there's something about seeing "winner" in writing that makes it all worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

Well done, Pat. Isn't it a lovely feeling?

Good luck with those pesky passwords.