Critter Alley

Critter Alley

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Gentleman

Indy boy is aging, and growing quite mellow in the process. In my experience it usually takes a dog about 5 years to start slowing down from the frantic puppy pace. Indy will be 10 in March. Other than a few health issue flare-ups and an occasional bladder problem (aging bladders...unfortunately I can relate), he's laid back and a pleasure to have around.

Even my husband, who doesn't generally make many comments about the household critters (unless it's to laugh at some weird behavior or complain about a particularly annoying one) commented on Indy. After a recent visit from the two grand-dogs (a.k.a. the wild ones), hubby reminded me of what a good boy Indy really is when he announced..."I like him better all the time. He's a gentleman".

He is, indeed.


Anonymous said...

LOL, we are waiting for Floyd to start growing out of his puppyhood. He ate his harness this morning:)

The Word Place said...

You mean there's hope? Let's see, we estimate Lady to be between 3-4----so in another year she might become a "lady" instead of a whirling dervish?

Eric said...


Anonymous said...

How cute. We just found out at our first vet visit with Georgia that she may be much younger than 8 years, which is the age we were given at the shelter. No surprise...she definitely has some puppy still in her! (It is so fun to watch her personality emerge now that she is in her new forever home!)

Unknown said...

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