Critter Alley

Critter Alley

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Puppies for Sale

Not long after Halloween, I noticed a sign in a heavily traveled retail area advertising "Puppies for Sale". It appears that all breeds are available, and amazingly just in time for Christmas, too. The company brokering the puppies is apparently renting the location temporarily. Clearly their goal is to secure plenty of holiday sales.

The sad truth is that most puppies sold in such operations come from puppy mills, places that, in my opinion, are the equivalent of canine slavery. Typical puppy mills have horrendous conditions with a primary aim of producing as many puppies as possible. And when the breeding stock no longer whelps in sufficient numbers, they are discarded.

So if you're thinking about adding a new canine family member, please look first at a shelter. They have a variety of puppies, adult dogs, and senior dogs that would make a loving addition to any home. Not only will you save a life, you'll be helping force puppy brokers and puppy mills to find a different line of work.

One that doesn't treat pets like a product.


The Word Place said...

Wish we could shut down all these puppy mills--unfortunately, when one shuts down, another pops up!

And you are so right--pets are NOT products! That's the very reason I've labored on with Lady for almost 3 years. The solution, "Find her another home" just doesn't wash with me. Another place doesn't mean another HOME--which she has with me. It's not like taking things to a thrift shop!

Tammy said...

Thank you for posting this! I think shelter animals make the best pets, too!

Anonymous said...

Very well said, Pat!

Unknown said...

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