Critter Alley

Critter Alley

Friday, January 8, 2010

Hello Deep Freeze!

Nobody loves a good frolic in the snow more than a dog in full warm winter coat. But keep in mind that in this brutal chill, shorter haired pups may need a sweater to protect them when they venture out. And even the hardiest of dogs (think Huskies and Bernese Mountain Dogs) should not be outside for prolonged periods of time. Frostbitten nose or cut paw pads...ouch!

Beware of anti-freeze. This sweet-tasting chemical often leaks from cars to garage floors, and is irrisistable to dogs and cats. It's also deadly. Contact your vet immediately if you think your pet may have lapped anti-freeze.

As I write these words our backyard birds are happily muching wild bird seed. Consider putting out food for your feathered friends. They need the extra calories to help them generate warmth. You'd better put out plenty because the squirrels will come to dinner, too. Hey, everybody deserves a little extra TLC right now!

Most of all, if you see an animal left outside...especially one with no place to take shelter, please contact your local animal control or humane society. Your action may save a critter's life.

Stay safe...and warm!


Judy said...

Lady: walked and back inside on her nice clean, warm blankie.

Birdseed: in feeder

Good reminders about our animal friends!

irishoma said...

Thanks for always providing such good advice, Pat.
Harley made quick work outside today; he usually likes to run and play in the snow.
Walt sprinkled birdseed the other day, but it's now covered with snow, so it looks like he needs to put out some more.

Bandit's Pack said...

Good posting with some important and caring advice. I believe we're the only part of the country without ice and snow. Just rain, rain, rain here. Even my sister in Georgia has snow!!

Cozy in Texas said...

It's cold here in Texas too but no snow this week. Several days of below freezing and I woke up this morning to a frigid house. The heater was blowing out cold air!!! Fortunately I was able to find someone to come out and fix it within a few hours. My cat is snoring under the comforter and my dogs are huddled up on their faux fur beds.

Dip-Dip and The Bridge said...

Thank you for visiting our blog, it's nice to meet you.
That is very good advice for everyone.

nlindabrit said...

Excellent advice, Pat!

Twinkietinydog said...

(nodding sadly) Today, my momma and I spent some time on where we were contemplating if we have more room for another adoption. We were checking out an adorable Mastiff whose story was: she was found resigned, sitting on the snow, waiting to die. It had a tremendous impact on us, and then I read your post.. You understand. Momma and I have both been crying our eyes out.

Anonymous said...

Good advice, Pat! Up here in BC, it's a little warmer than usual, but the warnings about antifreeze are good at any time of year! Thanks for reminding us!