Critter Alley

Critter Alley

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Blog the Change

Today we are participating in Blog the Change for Animals. It's a day where bloggers across the world highlight an issue relevant to animal welfare. We have chosen pet overpopulation.

Each year, millions of companion animals are euthanized for no other reason than that they have no home. It's a statistic which sends shivers down my spine. Some areas have more problems than others. Recently, one of my co-workers adopted a pet from Texas, where rescue groups frantically work to pull animals from overcrowded public agencies. Even the tiniest puppies and kittens are at risk as the clock ticks, ticks, ticks.

We've got to do something about pet overpopulation, and it will take each one of us to make a difference.

Here are some ways we can start:

1. Adopt from a shelter. Pets of all shapes, sizes, and breeds are waiting for someone like you to make them a part of your home and heart.

2. Spay and neuter your pets. She doesn't need to have "just one litter", and he will likely be healthier and live longer if neutered. Spay/neuters can also help minimize certain behavior problems. Most areas have low cost surgeries available if money is a problem. Check with your local shelter for specific information.

3. Don't allow your pets to run loose. Most areas have leash laws and who wants to pay the big bucks to bail Fido out of jail when he gets picked up for foraging in the neighbor's trash? Then there's cars, wild animals, and mean people. It's much safer for your pet to be with you.

4. Microchip your pet and be sure they wear tags with your contact information. It will help reunite you with your four-footed friend should he/she succeed in the Great Escape.

5. Consider volunteering or making a donation to your local shelter. These folks are saving lives every day and need your help. You can visit the shelter I support here.

Okay, I know we can do this. Let's make a difference for animals today and every day.
You've heard the message. Now go forth and do good!


Unknown said...

Yes we should all help our local shelters. Have a terrific Tuesday.
Best wishes Molly

Mariodacat said...

Excellent post friend. Right on with all the points too.

Talking-Dogs said...

Great post for Blog the Change! It drives me crazy when I see unaltered dogs and cats. And when I see so many unwanted litters at the local animal shelters. These days cost is not so much a factor as it used to be. Even here in the Ozark boondocks, there are low cost (even no cost) spay and neuter clinics held. And ignorance is not bliss!

Sketching with Dogs said...

That is great advice. We have done them all except for number one but Dip was a rehome from my friend's daughter. You just can't get Chihuahuas from the shelters here.
Lynne x

Ryker said...

We try and do our part by voluteering for a rescue group, doing some fostering and have adopted many pets from our local animal shelter. We also donate to several animal rescue groups. It gives us warm fuzzies inside :)

Unknown said...

Great post guys! We to have been proponents of spaying and Neutering since our Mommy was little, We believe there are more cats and dogs out there that need homes than there are homes for them. We all need to educate our friends, family and neighbors.

BUDDY said...

Amen to everything you said!

My latest blog post is a short update on my family's TNR (trap, neuter, and release) program. Please take a look when you have a spare moment.

Lynn said...

I'm going to give the link to this post to my daughter as she would probably like to post that on her blog since she has four, four footed babies herself! Good info.

Donna Volkenannt said...

Solid advice, Pat.
This week I've seen a couple of dogs running lose near our neighborhood. I hope they had chips so their owners could find them.

The Word Place said...

I take all my aluminum cans be be recycled for our local shelter, and whenever I do a clean-out, I take towels, sheets, etc. for bedding. Of course, Lady aka The Beast is a rescue. (Someone needs to rescue me from her-LOL!) I heard on the radio today that AR has a huge number of pets--and most don't see the vet regularly. Lady, on the other hand, costs me a fortune in grooming, dental care, etc. Sigh. But she's not on the street, and there's comfort in that.

Pup Fan said...

Great post for Blog the Change - thank you for joining in and sharing these tips. :)

Team BtC4A