Critter Alley

Critter Alley

Monday, January 21, 2013

Inauguration Day 2013

Inauguration Day has been all over the news. What will the President say, what will the First Lady wear, and haven't the girls gotten tall?

However, at our house we're more interested in the platform of First Dog, Bo. He's just about exactly the same age as the administration (four years old in October) and has had a quite eventful first term. Bo's activities have included helping the First Lady read to children, welcoming military families, and visiting a children's medical center. When Bo's not busy with his various duties, he greets guests to the White House and helps the First Family relax. You might say Bo is a pup-of-all-trades and definitely a critter that isn't afraid to reach across the aisle. 

As a matter of fact, in the next four years, Indy, Bogey, and I hope the two-legged politicians learn from Bo. If the Senators and Representatives could only get along with each other as well as Bo can, they'd accomplish a whole lot more. 

If you'd like to see a neat little Today Show slide presentation of Bo's first term in the White House, check here. (The slide show can be advanced from the upper left hand corner)

Congrats and good luck with your next four years, Bo. Continue to show Washington the canine way to get things done!


Unknown said...

Some well cool pix of Bo there. Thanks for sharing. Have a marvelous Monday.
Best wishes Molly

Sketching with Dogs said...

Bo sounds like a wonderful dog!
Most 2 legged politicians could learn from animals I say, haha.
Lynne x

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

YOU are very much right... Peeps could really learn a LOT from US. They do TRY... butt we leave HOOGE Paw Prints fur them to attempt to fill.

Two French Bulldogs said...

we liked watching that big pawrty
Benny & Lily

Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

Congratulations Bo on your accomplishments in office!

Ann Summerville said...

He's adorable.

Linda O'Connell said...

I hope the two legged ones learn from Bo also. Loved this post.

Ryker said...

Bo for President!!!