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Critter Alley

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Special September Sweet Somethings

It creates a real sense of camaraderie to join in the festivities of a holiday, so I sincerely
hope everyone will be happy as I was to discover that today is National Chocolate Shake Day. To celebrate, I've consumed one big fat thick delicious chocolate shake topped with gobs of whipped cream. Totally choco-licious!

But the fun doesn't end at midnight. Just so you know, tomorrow is International Chocolate Day. I've got a date with a dark Chocolate-Chocolate-Chocolate bar. Uh-huh. Yes I do.

Saturday will bring its own delights, because September 14 is Cream Filled Doughnut Day. Guess who's gonna be knocking at the door of our local bakery? I ask you, am I a trooper or what?

This celebratory excuse for forbidden treats has me on a (sweet) roll, so I couldn't wait to see what was in store for Sunday. I looked up September 15 and found...

Eat an Apple Day

H'mmm. What up with that?

Do you think it counts if I eat my apple served in a pie?


Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

Mommy is drooling reading your post about chocolates and creme filled desserts.

Sioux Roslawski said...

A caramel apple that's been dipped in chocolate and nuts...That would be a great way to celebrate "Eat an Apple" day.

(And yes, I admire your sacrifice, Pat. To honor those days, you HAD to drink a milk shake, you are going to have to FORCE yourself to eat the candy bar, you will SUFFER and eat the doughnut. You are a martyr...)

Two French Bulldogs said...

We are celebrating that day
Benny & Lily

Unknown said...

Apple in a pie sounds just about right to us. Wow September is quite the foodie month. Have a fabulous Friday.
Best wishes Molly

Linda O'Connell said...

Buy a Merb's apple on a stick dipped in caramel, then chocolate and then rolled in pecans. That should do the trick.

Sketching with Dogs said...

Oh my Dog, don't tell me that, I might actually be tempted to buy one!
Lynne x

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

I subscribe to the "fruit is NOT dessert" theory but if I have to have an apple, I want it in a pie!

Ryker said...

Oh yes, Apple Pie alamode!
At work we hare having a 1950's recipe Potluck...should be fun!

Tammy said...

It is important to maintain traditions, isn't it? I'm just glad I arrived on Apple Day.

Debora said...

Well, I missed all of the chocolate festivities! But I will eat that nice cold honeycrisp apple I bought today!