Critter Alley

Critter Alley

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mighty Geese

Typical behind the house scene.

We have a small lake behind our house that is frequented year round by Canadian Geese. They're pretty to look at, but leave droppings everywhere, which aren't the best thing for walking. Also, particularly when nesting, they can become quite aggressive and will readily chase people who may come too close. They aren't just kidding around either, with a strong beak that leaves a powerfully pinching bite.

Geese have become such a problem around airports and golf courses, that some places bring in dogs on a regular basis for the job of chasing the offending birds from the area. Of course, the geese usually return once the dog goes home, leading to excellent canine job security.

For myself, I prefer to enjoy them from a distance because I simply don't run very fast any more.

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The Word Place said...

The problem of co-existence will, I suspect, never be solved, until one of us (human or animal) is extinct. Starting next year, bow-hunting is being allowed in the Village to keep the deer population under control. We average one or two deer-car collisions a week. My feeling is, they were here first. We're the ones who came in a built houses in their woodlands.

The collisions are serious, and geese-airplane collisions even more so. I'm not sure there is an answer.

As the King in "The King and I" declared. . ."Is a puzzlement!"