Critter Alley

Critter Alley

Friday, June 26, 2009

Take Your Dog to Work

Photo by KMF221

Will Fido go to work with you today?

That's the goal of the Pet Sitter's International (PSI) organization for their annual "Take Your Dog to Work Day" campaign. July 26, 2009 is this year's designated pooch visit, if your employer is so inclined. The day was created in 1999 as a way to recognize the bond between pets and people and to emphasize the importance of adopting a shelter pet.

And if you're seeking a pet friendly job, according to the SimplyHired website, the top 10 employers currently hiring are:

1. PetSmart
2. Google
3. Banfield, the Pet Hospital
4. Diversified Technical Solutions
5. Sur La Table
7. Nature Conservancy
8. Dartmouth College
9. ValueOptions
10. Roy Talman & Associates

My employer is not on the list, but do not fear. As an alternative we're celebrating Keep Mom Home From Work Day. We plan to sit tight in the a.c. and chill.

Wherever your day takes you, have a wonderful weekend!


The Word Place said...

Actually, Lady comes to "work" with me everyday. After her morning walk, followed by the obligatory treat which she takes to the rug in the kitchen, she follows me into the study and plops herself down for the morning. She usually finishes the day there also.

Anonymous said...

When I was at school our art teacher brought her Jack Russell terrier to school every day. She was Miss Wiffen and he was Timmy Wiffen. Class after class sketched, painted and sculpted the little fellow as he slept on his woollen cushion.