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Critter Alley

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dog Park Etiquette

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If you're a dog owner, I'll bet you've visited your local dog park. It's a great place for your pup to run with the pack, sniff with the hounds, and have a blast with his canine pals.

However, there are certain rules that must be followed so that everyone has a good time. To find out what you know about dog parks, check this fun-friendly quiz on the Animal Planet website. You might learn a few facts in the process.

Hey, I got them all correct! Guess that makes me a regular dog park diva.

How well did you score?


Anonymous said...

I got full marks too . . . not bad for a Brit:) These are all common sense ways to behave in or out of the dog park, aren't they.

The Word Place said...

I got 7 out of 7, too! No dog park here in the Village, of course. Dogs must be on leash or under voice control. I wish there was so isolated spot I could take Lady out to run---she so needs the exercise! Working on that big backyard I promised her someday. . .

Meanwhile, lucky dogs at the Dog Park!