Critter Alley

Critter Alley

Sunday, November 15, 2009

NaNo Day 15

By the calendar, all NaNo writers should at least be at the half way point (unless, of course, they plan to pull a few last minute all-nighters).

My official word count is now at 37,866, but I am definitely starting to struggle. Yesterday I barely made my 2,000 word goal. I did better today, writing over 4,000 words. But I'm afraid I'm starting to ramble a bit, adding fluff to my outline in an effort to churn out the number of words I need. I'm sorry to say I even considered having one of my characters read poetry to another. You know, something like the Canterbury Tales, for example. Just think of the word count I could get out of that! Or maybe one of my characters could start shouting things into a huge echoing cavern. HELLO...Hello...Hello...Hello...Hello.

H'mmm. Maybe not.

Anyway, despite all, I'm determined to keep moving forward, so I'll be back for another report in a few days.

Until then...Write on!


The Word Place said...

My sincere condolences! I got to 47+ K and thought I would NEVER get to 50K. It took ALL DAY! I even went back and put in a scene between scenes...and now I have to come up wtih 15K more, and I have no clue where they are to come from! So, I'm still struggling, too...but you will make 50K before I make 65K--I'm sure of it!

Tricia Sanders said...

Ummm the old echo in the cave. I like it. And poetry--interesting. I'm thinking my character will have to have a flashback, that should be good for a couple of K

Anonymous said...

I just know you will make it, my friend! I am heartened by the fact that the same problems that are besetting me are the ones besetting you. Good luck to us both.

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Pat! I will admit I've never made the attempt, so congrats to you. Go for it!