Critter Alley

Critter Alley

Monday, November 9, 2009

NaNo-Day 9

There have been good days and bad days, but NaNo is coming along fairly well. I'm above the average total expected at this point, which is good, and feeling somewhat stressed about the whole thing, which is not so good.

As of November 9, I have produced 21,147 words...almost halfway to my goal. I'd like to say that each word I've written is entertaining and astute, but that would be a lie. Hey, unfortunately I'm NOT Hemingway.

But I am learning some things and meeting the deadlines that I've set for myself. And the competitive streak in me is definitely moving me forward every time I check out what others have accomplished.

A bit frazzled, but not yet entirely frantic, that's me.

But time's a-wasting! Maybe I can eke out a couple hundred more words before bedtime.

I'll be back with another report in a few days.

Write on!


Anonymous said...

You are going great guns, Pat! I am constantly checking where my Nano buddies are up to:) We'll stay determined and both finish this year, yes?

BECKY said...

Shoot,'ll be done by this weekend! Then you can relax for a few minutes (at least!) and then have plenty of time for Thanksgiving preparations and enjoyment! Unbelievable!!

Tricia Sanders said...

You are an inspiration. Keep up the writing. See you at the finish line. Wanna lay a little bet on who makes it there first?

Ann Summerville said...

Great work Pat. I've added you as a buddy and have been keeping track of your progress. My name on NaNo is AnnSummerville.